Psalm of Those Who Go Forth Before the Daylight

by Douglas Fir

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James This is a hidden gem. If you've found this page and are reading this, stop what you're doing and just start listening. Douglas Fir doesn't hold anything back. This is an aggressively emotional album - listen to Medical Abbreviations and try not to feel something. There are also surprising moments of musical clarity - college field recordings, cosmic drones, and intricate open tuning fingerings. Favorite track: Medical Abbreviations.
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These songs were written during the fall and early winter of 2015/16.
They were recorded in various spaces around Calvin College during the month of January.

- The people who are living the stories behind some of these songs
- Anyone who has encouraged me in this project
- All the members of Driver's ed, The Boys Club, Parlor Voice
and The Orthopedics for being such inspiring friends and bandmates
- Lots of people who I'm probably forgetting


released January 29, 2016

All songs written/played/recorded by Daniel Hickey
Special thanks to Ale Crevier for playing piano on "Medical Abbreviations"



all rights reserved


Douglas Fir Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Track Name: Gondola
your life is in the basement
because no one pays attention
but not knowing
where you'll be this time next year
can make the fall feel a little colder

running away
almost seems harder
when you have no reason to stay

every piece of good news
is only for the people
who like bad news
and when you dream of buildings burning
you know that
the fire's already been put out

I'm sorry to hear
your white walled confessions
without anything
to offer
Track Name: The Hot Girl from Pussy Riot
the windshield
matches the space
between your cheekbone
and your bottom eyelid
the space
between asleep and awake
the shoreline
and the skyline
both look the same
when you can't see a thing
at all

all of the birds
have sticky wings
they can't fly away
and it used to
used to make you feel blind
and maybe, and maybe
maybe it still does

everything is ruined
but nothing is broken
we shall all be healed
Track Name: Salinger
I can see you
reading Whitman under lamplight in your bed
while I'm standing reading Salinger
under a streetlight in Michigan
but I'm struggling to remember
the night I drove away
and everything
I couldn't remember to say

familiar contact
in the worst of context
familiar sounds
in the worst surroundings

I feel lost
severed from the path
that I spent months learning
Track Name: 28th Street
mountain goats and the silver jews
at 2am
with a new friend
who feels like an old friend
falling asleep at the wheel
i half-dream my memories

Euclid Heights Boulevard
the night I turned eighteen
too broke to rebel
State Road in mid-september
windows down
Pearl Road at the end of a day
the death of a season
the last bit of descending night
psalm of those who go forth before the daylight
28th Street
in the greyscale Ohio morning
last night
is already a foregone
and I'm feeling
this might be the last time
Track Name: Medical Abbreviations
I can still see you
every time I close my eyes
but it's been seven years
and you aren't here
killed on your way to work
dead before you hit the pavement

I was just twelve years old
didn't know how

Friday the 13th
it was scary

I was just twelve years old
didn't know how

but I can still see you
every time I close my eyes
I can still hear you
when I listen to Highway 61
I'd like to touch you
the last time I did you were cold

I was just twelve years old
didn't know how

I saw my father cry
first and the last time

I was just twelve years old
didn't know how